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Frequently Asked Questions

General What is this? Who are you guys?
You should probably take a look at the about page.
Search What do I do?
Just start typing, and hit enter when you want to search.
Often, you'll only need to type a few letters before the restaurant name appears in the drop down below the listbox. Use the arrow keys, or your mouse to select the correct name and hit enter.
If we can only find one restaurant, you'll be taken right to the restaurant page. If not, we'll show you some choices.
You can search using the restaurant name, or tags (labels that people have used to describe a restaurant). You can also be a bit more specific. Search only on a certain street.
Some examples might help.
  • pizza - everything tagged pizza, or with the word pizza in it's name
  • pizza on st clair - as above, but only on St. Clair Avenue

If you want to search near a specific location, we think you'd be happier using the map.
Why couldn't I find what I was looking for?
There could be a few reasons:
  • We didn't understand what you meant - that place I went last week - probably not going to work
  • Something was misspelled - try typing less. Maybe it wasn't on the street you thought it was?
  • We don't know as much about the restaurant as you. You might know they serve French food, but we might not. You can help with this by adding some tags, or using the contact form
  • We don't know about that restaurant. Please tell us about it.
  • It closed, and we removed it. That happens a lot. Try checking on the map, maybe something new has opened up.
Map What do I do?
The map contains push-pins representing the locations of restaurants. There are probably a lot. To the right of the map there's a list of all the visible restaurants. Move the map using your mouse, and the controls on the left hand side. You can also type in an address to find a specific location. To filter the restaurants, type into the search box.

e.g. type pizza to show only restaurants tagged with pizza, or containing the word pizza in their name.
Why is a restaurant missing from the map?
There may be a few reasons.
  • There are a lot of restaurants, we can't always show you all of them. Try zooming in, or wiggling the map a bit.
  • We don't know about that restaurant. Please tell us about it.
  • We have that restaurant in the wrong position. We used some automated tools to find the location of the restaurants on the map. Sometimes they make mistakes. You can use the edit links to tell us about this too.
Restaurant Info Why is the data wrong/missing?
We're doing our best, but some things slip through. You can help if you like. Either edit edit it on a restaurant page, or suggest a new restaurant
This restaurant is closed...
Please tell us about this.
Menus Why don't you have a menu for ...
There are a lot of restaurants...

You can help us with this too if you like (for details look on the menu pages).

If a restaurant already has a menu online, we'll add a link to it rather than duplicating it. The goal of fyood is to focus on the small neighbourhood restaurants, not the big franchises.
Why do you have a menu for, you can't do that, I don't want it here, Grrrr
Well, we don't want to argue about it. If you're the owner/manager of a restaurant and you'd prefer we didn't host your menu let us know through the contact form and we'll remove it. Of course we'd prefer to discuss it.
Other Is there a smaller version of fyood?
If you're using a mobile device, try our mobile site: www.fyood.com/m.
What else should I read?
It's probably a good idea to take a look at some of the other links in the footer. Privacy, and Terms of Service for example.
Is fyood awesome?
Yes. Yes it is.
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